Peak Communications Ltd.

Unit 1, The Woodvale Ctr., Woodvale Road
Brighouse, West Yorkshire HD6 4AB

United Kingdom

About Peak Communications Ltd.

Peak Communication specialise in the design & manufacture of satellite earth station RF equipment, including frequency converter’s, BUC/BDC’s, TLT’s, beacon receiver’s, AUPC’s, line amplifier’s, splitter’s/combiner’s, reference generation/distribution, LNB/LNA redundancy systems etc. We offer high performance, robust designs for the professional market with unprecedented levels of customer support.

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Alarm Monitoring Unit, Peak Communications Ltd.

Alarm Monitoring Unit

Category: Networking Management - Hardware, Software

The AMU6000 series provides users with a convenient method to monitor status of environmental sensors and dry contact alarms on collocated equipment. The comprehensive configuration & control features allow inputs to control output functions on any of the 6 multifunction connections & the naming menus allow real world labelling for ease of use. Available with fault monitoring protection & Ethernet connectivity for status monitoring of the connected interfaces.